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EU Tech Policy Fellowship

Fostering the next generation of EU policymakers with emerging technology expertise.
Navigating the future of tech policy.

​The EU Tech Policy Fellowship is a 7-month programme that empowers ambitious graduates to launch European policy careers focused on emerging technology.


At the core of our programme is a focus on ensuring the safe and responsible deployment of artificial intelligence and related technologies. Our fellows bring subject-matter expertise in these areas alongside a deep commitment to public service.

As a fellow in our program, you will have the choice of two distinct tracks:

Training track: 

  • Explore the intricacies of tech policy during our 8-week Emerging Tech Governance Fundamentals Programme.

  • Engage in a 10-day policymaking summit in Brussels.

  • Receive personalised support & coaching to confidently initiate your career in tech policy.

Placement track:

  • Experience the full scope of our training track by participating in our 8-week Emerging Tech Governance Fundamentals Programme and attending our 10-day Brussels Summit.

  • Secure a 4-6 month placement at a respected think tank, complemented by a stipend to support your efforts.

Upon completion of the fellowship, you'll not only transition into a career but also play a pivotal role in steering the future of European tech policy. We anticipate our fellows will bring their expertise and dedication to prominent European institutions, contributing significantly to the governance of responsible and secure technology

Placement organisations include:

The FutureSociety_edited.png
Computer Programmers
The EU Tech Policy Fellowship enabled me to substantially expand my network in technology policy.

It also equipped me with novel tools to analyse and, hopefully one day, have a socially beneficial impact on the EU's technology policy
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