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Laura González Salmerón


Laura González Salmerón wears many hats: she’s an investment analyst, a writer, a podcast host and PhD candidate in Modern Languages at the University of Oxford, where she has taught courses on Comparative Literature, Translation and Spanish Cinema. She has university studies in Mathematics and Literary Theory, as well as some dabbling in Law and Economics. She believes in rigorous interdisciplinary thinking at the intersection of the sciences and the humanities, and is especially interested in the social and political implications of new technologies. Her academic work, supported by a La Caixa Fellowship and the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, explored the stories we tell about scientific progress, and how our dreams for the future often become maps. She co-hosts the podcast “La bisagra de la historia” (The hinge of history), where she interviews experts who are working on the world’s most pressing problems. She’s based between the UK and Spain.

Laura González Salmerón
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